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"While Kaira's book is given as advice to women entrepreneurs, it is equally relevant to men or any group. Her emphasis is to first, identify who you are and then implement the "you" in your business and yourself and then your brand. Truly a great read which shows how we flourish when being ourselves and are surrounded by others who share the vision of the group. Terrific ideas on how to be all you can or want to be-both in business and in the rest of "you". This book is for real."

Dick Wagner, Cincinnati, OH


It's not about me, really. It's about you, your goals and what you're looking for in a speaker. I know you have a lot of choices. So here's a promise: I'll deliver. Engage. Entertain. Enlighten.

It's not just about marketing, and it's not just for entrepreneurs. It's not just for direct sales, or real estate, or for or about women. The Real You process doesn't address one area of your life, it speaks to the entirety. And so do I. I'm passionate about helping organizations understand culture, explaining how to avoid culture vultures and snark attacks. (Of course, driving profit, building teams, and learning together comes with it.) With 20-plus years of experience with brands big and small, I love speaking about marketing in the world today—and explaining what works, what doesn't and why the only audience most brands should court is women. (And how women aren't one big group, by the way.)

"Don't get isolated when life gets crazy. Reach out. Unbiased, educated opinions are worth their weight in gold."

I help leaders of large organizations infuse creativity into their businesses, to truly lead, not just manage. Helping entrepreneurs and small businesses understand, articulate and capitalize on their own unique competitive advantages is one of my favorite activities, and I've loved speaking to The Entrepreneurship Institute, NAWBO, eWomenNetwork and many others. Real estate will rebound, as will industries everywhere that are filled with passionate entrepreneurs who are putting the Real You in their businesses. It's amazing to watch the process work!

Whenever groups of women come together to be empowered, there is magic! I've been a part of the Austin Balance Expo for Women—one of the largest in the country—and many more. Organizations like Rotary and the YWCA that believe—as I do—that together we can change the future for the next generation and that only in giving back is your real you truly enriched, have also enjoyed and benefited from my message.

I know you will, too. Please contact me here.