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"While Kaira's book is given as advice to women entrepreneurs, it is equally relevant to men or any group. Her emphasis is to first, identify who you are and then implement the "you" in your business and yourself and then your brand. Truly a great read which shows how we flourish when being ourselves and are surrounded by others who share the vision of the group. Terrific ideas on how to be all you can or want to be-both in business and in the rest of "you". This book is for real."

Dick Wagner, Cincinnati, OH

What's REAL

So what's real? It's the approach I take to every aspect of life, and any project I take on!

REAL means:

Reject average
Engage passions
Align goals
Launch with a smile

Real means going with your gut, listening to your instincts. To play and laugh. Real means that it's not about how loud you talk; it's about what you say and meaning it. Real is understanding that even business is personal today. That relationships matter. Real is behaving online the same as you would offline, and vice versa. Real people give to others, share information freely and laugh out loud. It's believing in creativity, and being creative whenever possible. Real is inclusive, full of potential, and deep. Real is about being successful, strong and powerful, without taking anyone else's power away.

In the past, it was easier to be a fake,less than fully genuine, less than fully present. You could be one thing at the office, at school, at a meeting, and another at home. With transparency and the digital age, you have no choice. You've got to be real.

Being real requires you to be authentic. To listen to your deeper self, your inner voice. This is where the soul lies, the real you. I happen to think those of us from the Heartland are in tune with what's real, the values that matter. Today, more than ever, when change is the constant, the best defense is being real in every aspect of your life. Be home. Be at work. Be present. Be real.