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"Marketing in the traditional sense‹making it all about you‹is no longer the way to go."

Meet Kaira

Hi. I'm Kaira, and I don't have all the answers. I just have my story, my perspective and my experiences to share. Really, that's all each of us has to share.

Here's what I do:

  • Help you market yourself and your business
  • Relate to multi-minding moms, struggling authors, sales folks, entrepreneurs and marketers, because I am one
  • Deliver a powerful keynote
  • Cook an amazing family meal, when I've got the time

I love my kids, friends, husband, photography and writing. Here's my Real You chart. I have 20-plus years of marketing experience, and I created a personal and business branding process, which I packaged in my first book, to help women entrepreneurs define their brands. (Real men read women's business books, by the way.)

"I find myself looking in the mirror and realizing with no uncertainty that I will continue to redefine my life, my brand and my work."

Here's what I don't do: Tell you there are secret answers to losing weight, to better parenting, to starting a million-dollar business, to creating a perfect relationship, to finding the perfect job, to having perfect balance in life, and so on. If there's a problem, you can find an expert who says they can fix it. It's always great to get help, but ... let's get real.

Only you can make real, positive change in your life. Only you -The Real You- can shake the bad patterns, let go of the junk that keeps you from moving forward. And only you can decide it's time. To get real. To get going. To start that business. To quit smoking. To stand up for yourself. To . . .live the life of your dreams.

It's not easy, but it's doable! I know. I'm a wife and a mom of four. I'm an author, a speaker, consultant,  woman empowerer and branding consultant. I love it all, because it works for me. The Real me. My life isn't a blueprint for yours-but it's amazing. And yours can be, too. But only if you can discover -and stay true to- The Real You.