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"In this book, find inspiration and help in your journey to becoming an owner and/or operator of your own unique woman-owned biz! The author says there are 8 essentials women entrepreneurs must concern themselves with if they are to create a successful business where both the woman and her company thrive. I loved the real stories. And each one included a diagram of the featured entrepreneur and her company regarding the "8 essentials." Women who read this book would have role models and some sort of mentor in each of these real stories."

Jeff Lippincott, Princeton, NJ


Put the real you in your business. You are your unique competitive advantage.

The more authentic, the more real, the more original you are, the more money you'll make. That's the reality of today's transparent world. And really, it's always been the case. There are no easy answers today-no secret formulas. The answer to creating the business of your dreams-whether it's full-time, part-time, on the weekends, or still in your mind-is to put the real you in your business and go for it. Business success takes you being fully present, working hard, doing what you love (the passion part of your entrepreneurial dream).

I wrote Real You Incorporated to help. With the 8-step process, you can have a fabulous business of your choosing, but it all starts with you. The Real You. By rediscovering, visualizing and recording your Real You brand through your Vision Board and then completing your Real You chart, I will help you get unstuck and get going, refine and realign and realize the business of your dreams.

And when you're unstoppable, you become profitable.

A key ingredient of your lasting success as an entrepreneur will be your ability to believe in and live in balance. Not externally-nothing is ever perfectly in balance, especially if you have kids-but internally.