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"Kaira Rouda is one of the industry's foremost thinkers and comes to the table in a vibrant, fresh, and relatable manner. There is no question that Kaira shares something very special with the people in her world. Spending time to hear her perspective is invaluable."

Kim Ades, President of Opening Doors

Meet Kaira

Are You Ready To Turn Your Passion Into Profit?

It’s time to start taking action! It’s time to realize your dreams and become an entrepreneur with your own business!

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This 40+ page eBook is packed with the info you need to hit the ground running and create the business and lifestyle that you’ve been dreaming about. 

My name is Kaira Rouda. Since publishing my book, Real You Incorporated, I’ve met and spoken to thousands of entrepreneurs, and what they all have in common is they’ve put their passions into action and made businesses.

If the company you work for is one of the many considering and implementing layoffs and cutbacks, do you have a plan?

The common factor is action. Going for it. Starting something. And why not? If you are slogging away in a cubicle, working at an unfulfilling job, are you growing or are you stuck? If the company you work for is one of the many considering and implementing layoffs and cutbacks, do you have a plan?

It’s time to take action. The question isn’t “Should you be an entrepreneur?” The real question is “How soon should you get started?”

This eBook will help you learn the following:

  • Develop Your Vision
  • Discover What Type Of Entrepreneur You Are
  • Define Your Brand
  • Choose a Great Company Name
  • Create an Online Presence
  • Includes Step By Step Tutorials For Using Facebook & Twitter
  • And More!

It’s your time to decide! This is your life and it’s time for you to determine how you want to live it. Do you want to work for someone else? Or do you want to become your own boss, and start owning your own time?

Are You Ready To Learn How Turn Your Passion Into Profit?

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Remember, this is your choice! You can choose to keep living as you have been, or you can choose to take action. This could be your day to take action and start something new.

Make Today A Great Day!